XVI. The Tower


Key words

Upright: sudden upheaval, destruction, awakening

Reversed: fear of disaster, avoiding change


The sky is black and cloudy. Lightning strikes a tower built on a precarious foundation. A large golden crown, formerly on top of the tower, falls off from the force of the lightning strike. Flames emerge from the windows of the building as two people jump out to escape. One is blonde and wearing a blue robe, and the other person has dark hair and wears a red cape. 


16 = 1 + 6 = 7: Wisdom, introspection, understanding, stagnation


A sudden change leaves you feeling unstable and insecure. You may feel confused, shocked, or discouraged. The Tower is a lesson in humility, reminding us that what we build can be knocked over at any time. Instead of mourning what has been destroyed, consider the precarious foundation it was resting on. Can you build something stronger, more resilient, on more stable ground?


Being in denial about change doesn’t prevent change from happening. Consider that the upheaval you’ve been avoiding might be good for you in the long run. You can learn self-reliance, resilience, and how to build something from the ground up. Rather than fearing what looms on the horizon, be thankful that you have time to prepare.