Knight of Cups


Key words

Upright: idealism, romanticism, adoration, charm

Reversed: moodiness, jealousy, discouragement, overreaction


Under a blue sky, a knight rides a white horse. They are sitting straight up, holding a golden chalice in one hand and gripping the reins of the horse in the other. They wear armor (including a winged helmet and winged boots) and a tunic with a red fish print. The horse marches forward and the knight has to pull on the reins to slow it down. They approach a river. On the other side is a yellow-orange mountain range covered in trees. 


Knights: action, conviction, single-mindedness 


The Knight of Cups represents someone who is outgoing, charismatic, compassionate, and intuitive. Their armor may allude to them not taking criticism well, but they are not afraid to show their emotions. They encourage you to move forward with a bit of caution: start a creative project, but set and stick to a budget. Ask that person out, but don’t come on too strong. 


The Knight of Cups in reverse represents someone who is feeling discouraged, moody, or jealous. They show up when there’s a need to learn the difference between honoring your feelings and dwelling on them. Examine the facts before acting on your emotions and make sure your expectations are realistic. If you’re frustrated that you dreams aren’t coming true, ask yourself whether you’re taking steps toward realizing them or if you’re waiting for things to happen— it’s not enough to dream, you must also do!