Nine of Cups


Key words

Upright: satisfaction, comfort, wish granted

Reversed: smugness, greed, dissatisfaction


A person sits on a wooden bench with their arms crossed and a smile on their face. They wear a white robe and a red hat with red tassels. Behind them is a curved table covered in blue cloth. Nine golden chalices are lined up on the table. The background is bright yellow. 


9: Fruition, fulfillment, attainment, growth


The Nine of Cups is considered the “wish granted” card— it represents emotional fulfillment and contentment. If this card doesn’t resonate with you at the moment, perhaps it’s time to treat yourself! Whether circumstances have gone in your favor or you’ve made your own destiny, remember to make time for gratitude. 


Success can be gratifying but it can also be lonely. If you’ve made material gains but still feel like something is missing, consider nurturing your connections with others. Similarly, it’s important to remember that success can be fleeting— don’t take too long to rest on your laurels or you may miss out on other opportunities.