Queen of Cups


Key words

Upright: compassion, calm, intuition, empathy

Reversed: martyrdom, jealousy, co-dependence


The Queen of Cups holds an ornate goblet while sitting on their throne at the edge of the sea, surrounded by cliffs. Their feet rest on colorful pebbles, almost touching the water, and their gaze is focused on their goblet. The Queen’s throne is adorned with cherubs, fish, and scallop shells. Their robes are white and gray, and clear blue skies are visible overhead. 


Queens: creativity, nurturing, inward focus, intellect


The Queen of Cups represents an intuitive, compassionate person who is an effective communicator. They support their loved ones, holding space for their emotions without taking those emotions on for themselves. They encourage you to nurture your personal relationships while maintaining healthy boundaries. 


The Queen of Cups in reverse often shows up when there is a need to set boundaries in one’s relationships. You may create situations where people rely on you because you like to feel needed, or perhaps you focus on others’ emotional well-being to avoid working on yourself. Get in touch with your intuition, don’t be afraid to feel your feelings, and maintain proper boundaries with the people in your life.