Four of Pentacles


Key words

Upright: frugality, conservation, control

Reversed: greed, materialism, miserliness


A person dressed in red sits on a stool, far outside city limits. They hold one pentacle tightly to their chest, two more beneath their feet, and one balanced on their crown. Both the sky and ground are gray. 


4: Structure, foundations, stability


You have the resources you need, and maybe some extra, but you’re afraid to lose what you’ve gained. This can lead to acting from a scarcity mindset instead of going after what you want. Remember that money isn’t everything— it’s good to set a budget and be practical, but you deserve to live a little! 


There’s a difference between being careful with your resources and being greedy, and you are having a hard time finding that line. Material possessions and financial wealth are not the only means of reaching stability, nor are they a good measure of self worth. Ask yourself whether you are trying to exercise control over this part of your life because other things feel out of your control.