Knight of Pentacles


Key words

Upright: hard work, responsibility, stability, methodical approach

Reversed: boredom, apathy, inertia


An armored knight sits on a black horse. The knight’s tunic and the horse’s reins are red; both the knight and horse are adorned with leaves. The horse stands still with all four hooves on the ground as the knight regards a pentacle held in their hand. The sky is yellow, and in the background are red rolling hills and a jagged mountain range.


Knights: action, conviction, single-mindedness 


The Knight of Pentacles is reliable and practical— they are the only Knight whose horse has all four hooves on the ground. They don’t mind putting in hard work to make gradual progress toward their goals. Sometimes it’s better not to rush things. If life doesn’t feel particularly exciting right now, try to find pleasure in your daily routine— it can be comforting to know what your day will look like. If you’re having trouble staying on task, consider asking someone who reminds you of the Knight of Pentacles to be your accountability buddy. 


The Knight of Pentacles in reverse represents someone who is methodical, sometimes to the point of stubbornness. Practical thinking is good and necessary, but they could stand to leave some room for creativity. If you find yourself digging in your heels, ask whether the matter is truly important or if you are being stubborn.