Nine of Pentacles


Key words

Upright: reward, luxury, independence

Reversed: loneliness, living beyond means, self-sabotage 


A person stands in a lush garden blooming with grapes and coins. They look fondly at a bird perched on a gloved hand, and the other hand rests on one of the coins. They wear a yellow dress printed with red flowers, with red detailing and a red hat to match. The sky is bright yellow and a large home nestled among a mountain range can be seen on the horizon. 


9: Fruition, fulfillment, attainment, growth


You deserve to take some time for solitary enjoyment of your successes. Learn to love your own company, and find luxury in everyday life: a hot bath or shower, a nice cup of tea, or lounging about in a robe. You don’t need to rely on others for your happiness because you have everything you need within yourself. 


You may be feeling lonely, wishing you had someone to share your successes with. Or perhaps you thought financial gains would bring happiness and are realizing that’s not always true. If you’ve turned a hobby into a “side hustle” you might find that it’s hard to enjoy something once you’ve turned it into work. Reach out to your loved ones and take time to enjoy life rather than trying to optimize it.