Ten of Pentacles


Key words

Upright: stability, legacy, prestige, wealth

Reversed: financial instability, lack of resources, familial discord 


An elderly person wears an ornate robe and sits with two dogs at their feet. Under a stone archway showing a family crest, two adults and a child stand close together. The scene suggests three generations of a family coming together, enjoying the fruits of the elder’s labor. Beyond the archway is a clear blue sky and a large home. Ten pentacles are arranged in the shape of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. 


10:  Completion, end of a cycle, transformation, release


The Ten of Pentacles shows up when we are feeling secure and stable as a result of hard work. Rather than representing a stop along the way, this card speaks to the completion of an endeavor. There’s no need to plan “the next thing” immediately— you can take some time to share the abundance you’ve built with family, chosen or otherwise. If you are in a precarious situation, leaning on your loved ones will help you through this difficult time.


You may be feeling lonely, perhaps as the result of strained familial relationships. The Ten of Pentacles in reverse can also show up when money is a point of contention in a relationship. Don’t accept money unless you are comfortable with any strings that may be attached, and don’t use money to control others in your life. Remember that family can be chosen, so if you are looking for support you can look outside of your family of origin.