Three of Pentacles


Key words

Upright: teamwork, external validation, building

Reversed: group conflict, mediocrity, power struggle


An artisan is carving an intricate design into what appears to be a stone archway in a church. The design includes three pentacles. The artisan pauses their work to consult with a noblewoman and a friar, who seem pleased with their work. 


3: Growth, abundance, creation, path to success


The Three of Pentacles is about people from diverse backgrounds coming together to create something great. When working with others, try to learn how your skills complement one another’s and what you can learn for each other. If you seek recognition for your skills and abilities, try complimenting someone else and see if the compliment is returned. 


You may feel like your efforts aren’t being recognized. You’ll benefit from looking inward to see if you’re treating others as competitors rather than collaborators. Be honest about where your skills and deficits lie and don’t be afraid to ask for help— it won’t dampen your accomplishments if you work together to achieve your goal. The Three of Pentacles in reverse can also show up when you are not doing your best work, perhaps because you don’t enjoy the work or you aren’t feeling challenged. You shouldn’t expect praise without making a proper effort.