Two of Pentacles


Key words

Upright: prioritization, adapting to change, juggling prospects

Reversed: overwhelm, lack of balance, disorganization


A person in a tall red hat juggles two coins that are surrounded by a green infinity symbol. The person is wearing a ragged, brown tunic and appears to be dancing. The sky is clear and blue, and two ships sail over rough seas in the background. 


2: Balance, duality, cooperation, choices


Like the figure in the Two of Pentacles, you are juggling multiple responsibilities and handling it well. Maybe you’re good at multitasking or you thrive on being busy. Remember that it’s okay if you can’t keep things in perfect balance— you can put something down if you need some time to breathe. If you are having trouble deciding what to “put down,” get in touch with your long-term goals and priorities to see what will support you on that journey and what may hold you back. 


You may have overcommitted yourself and are feeling stressed as a result. Trying to do too many things at once could mean you’re not doing any of those things well. If you appear calm on the outside, others may not think to ask if you need help, so don’t be afraid to show some vulnerability when you’re feeling stressed. You may need to create a schedule, budget, or to-do list to get back on track. While making that list, see if there is anything you can cross off to lighten your load.