Eight of Swords


Key words

Upright: self-victimization, confinement, limitation

Reversed: liberation, awakening, openness to change


A person wearing a red dress is bound and blindfolded. Eight swords surround them, seemingly trapping them in place. The sky is gray, and a castle atop a jagged mountain can be seen in the background. The person’s left foot rests in a shallow puddle of water. 


8: Achievement, sturdiness, protection, mastery


You’re feeling trapped, perhaps even victimized. The bad news is that you’re in a prison of your own making. The good news is that you can escape if you choose to do so. You’ll need to see beyond your currently limited perspective, and if you’re stubbornly refusing help from others, you’ll want to rethink that staunch independence. 


Difficult times are behind you as a direct result of your actions. You’ve done the hard work of challenging your beliefs and letting go of the ones that do not serve you. Being open to change means allowing for the possibility of new opportunities and a sense of liberation.