Ten of Swords


Key words

Upright: failure, defeat, treachery

Reversed: endurance, comeback, transformation


A person lies face down with ten swords in their back. A red cape drapes over the lower half of their body. While the dark sky in the foreground is ominous, the horizon is bright yellow with hope and the sea in the background is calm.


10:  Completion, end of a cycle, transformation, release


The Ten of Swords speaks to an unforeseen defeat or betrayal, one that hurts so much you’re knocked off of your feet. It represents rock bottom, feeling like there’s no way out. While you should allow yourself time to grieve, don’t wallow— better things wait on the horizon. 


Things can only get better from here. You’ve endured a lot, and you’ve changed for the better as a result. You have a chance to start over, this time with a fresh perspective and the experience of having lost before.