Ace of Wands


Key words

Upright: inspiration, creative opportunity, growth

Reversed: procrastination, boredom, lack of direction


An illuminated hand extends out from a cloud on the right side of the scene, clutching a wand. Green leaves are growing out of the wand, with some of them floating downward. A stream winds through a verdant landscape, and a castle atop a mountain can be seen in the distance. Behind the castle is a jagged mountain peak. 


1: Potential, beginnings, opportunity, inspiration, creation

Ace of Wands Upright

You’re feeling energetic and motivated, and it’s time to focus your creative energy. You have an opportunity before you, like the wand bursting forth out of thin air. It’s up to you to take action. Follow your heart, but make sure you have a clear plan. It won’t always be easy, but if you’re passionate about what you’re doing, small setbacks won’t throw you off course. 

Ace of Wands Reversed

Feeling uninspired? It’s time to change up your routine to get that creative energy flowing again. If you’re feeling directionless, lacking focus, or having trouble with follow-through, it may be the result of doubting your abilities. Sometimes the biggest barrier to getting started is believing you can accomplish the task before you.