Queen of Wands


Key words

Upright: courage, determination, joy, authenticity

Reversed: introversion, passivity, lacking confidence 


The Queen of Wands wears a yellow robe, sitting on a throne decorated with lions and sunflowers. The sunflowers represent joy and fertility; the lions represent strength. The throne sits on a stone platform and the lions face opposite directions. A black cat sits at the Queen’s feet, looking straight ahead. The Queen holds a wand in one hand and a sunflower in the other. The blue sky, desert, and mountains seen in the Page and Knight of Wands cards are in the background.


Queens: creativity, nurturing, inward focus, influence


The Queen of Wands is an energetic, self-assured person who is not afraid to be themselves. They can be quick to anger, but they know where their strengths lie and are honest about where their skills are lacking. They are nurturing and a natural leader, and people are drawn to their enthusiasm. They are well-liked and they inspire others to work hard and be creative. This person could represent you or someone in your life. The Queen of Wands reminds you to be honest with yourself and others about what you want. 


The Queen of Wands in reverse represents someone who has a hard time articulating their desires and vision. They might be hiding parts of themselves as a result of self-consciousness. Since the court cards can represent you or someone in your life, you might be dealing with someone who is overbearing, or you could be the overbearing one. Get a clear sense of what you want and how to proceed. Stand up for yourself, but don’t steamroll others.