Six of Wands


Key words

Upright: success, public recognition, validation    

Reversed: postponement, apprehension, lack of recognition


A person proudly rides a noble white steed through a crowd of admirers. Their yellow and orange clothing is covered by a red tunic. The horse wears a green cloak, and the person wears a laurel wreath on their head to signify victory. Another wreath hangs from the wand in their hand. The other five wands are held by members of the cheering crowd, suggesting recognition of this person’s success. We don’t see this person’s face, as it is turned toward the crowd. Perhaps they are recognizing the role community support has played in their success. In the background is a clear blue sky. 


6: Compassion, harmony, mutual aid, healing

Six of Wands Upright

The Six of Wands indicates victory, often accompanied by public recognition. It feels nice to be celebrated, but remember who has supported you along the way. Consider thanking them for their support. Stay humble, as you still have challenges ahead— but it’s okay to revel in the smaller accomplishments along the way.

Six of Wands Reversed

You don’t feel you are getting the recognition you deserve. It’s okay to speak up for yourself, especially at work. That could mean keeping a running list of your accomplishments to share with your manager during weekly meetings. Outside of work, try telling friends and family when you do something you’re proud of. They will be glad to celebrate you if you invite them along. If you are feeling stuck on a project, creative or otherwise, take stock of the resources you have at hand. You don’t have to go it alone, and accepting help won’t make the accomplishment any less “yours.”